The Future of Learning 2018

The inaugural Future of Learning conference in 2018 was a huge success! It was attended by nearly 250 people from a broad range of different industries – schools, businesses, tertiary organisations, community members and youth. Click on the images below to see some of the great speakers and interaction.

“Being exposed to the ideas was incredibly valuable. The scene setting with Jason Swanson excellent”

“The content presented was incredibly interesting, thought-provoking and important to know. The conference was well-organised, catering was excellent, location was excellent. The opportunity to be at something that combined worlds of business and education was awesome too.”

“I’ve been to conferences/congresses/symposiums for 20 or so years. I learned more at this event than I have at all the others combined.”

“I truly enjoyed Eru Tarena sharing the Maori culture aspect for the Future of Learning.”

“I have a new appreciation of the role we all play in actively shaping our future rather than leaving it in the hands of a few.”

“I met a buzzy group of young humans who are switched on to positively impact the world”

“The high calibre of the presenters, the inspirational nature of the conference and the genuine call to action.”