Q: Is the Future of Learning for Education Only?


When people hear about the Future of Learning, one of the most common initial reactions is “Is that all about education?”

That couldn’t be further from the truth!


This event is for business managers and professionals, for educators and students, for community groups, and for the government entities which guide and fund the changes required.


Our logic is this:

  • Rapid technology change is affecting all industries, all roles.
  • Climate change, and the mitigations for it, will require fundamental changes to our organisations, and to society.
  • We’re entering a period of rapid change and uncertainty, and our goal is to catalyse the systemic change needed to ensure we can adapt successfully.
  • Students entering the workforce will increasingly need different skills.
  • Those of us already in the workforce will experience disruption and rapid change to our work.
  • Business strategy and competitive strategy will need to evolve.
  • We will need to support staff to retrain quickly and to be adaptable to change
  • The same skills being taught to students will be required for adults, and at a far larger scale than the current education system can accommodate.
  • The best way for us to adapt is learning – as it has always been – learning is key to the success of our species, and one of the key differentiators for success in life.
  • We can embrace the technology and use it to enhance learning access, equity and scale learning to meet future needs.


Adapt Now!

These changes are happening at an unprecedented rate.

If we don’t adapt quickly, we will severely exacerbate the inequities and issues of the current systems.

If we don’t start adapting now, we may not survive as a species.

In order to rapidly adapt to change, to increase resilience and to address the issues of inequity and access to learning, we need to design a better future. All stakeholders need a place at that table – a way to engage with the future, to influence the outcomes and to ensure everyone has a way to contribute.

We need future skills and futures thinking to be spread throughout our community – so people understand the trends and are able to contribute.

Collectively, we need to design a preferred future, encompassing all of the above.


Join us to design a better future

We believe strongly in embracing technology to benefit learning, ensuring equity of learning opportunities, celebrating diversity and lifelong learning as the keys to creating a better future.

Join us in creating a better future through learning – a better future for everyone.


The Future of Learning is on 30 September and 1 October 2019.

Tickets are available now on www.futureoflearning.nz – get in quick, they’re selling fast!

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